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Water Consumption Data

Water Consumption data is available for different areas within our Local Government Area.  There are different ways to view this, via the "Dashboard", "Graphs" or "Table".  These options are available in a small navigation menu, in the relevant sections below. 


For a quick look at how much water our LGA has used each day, use the Dashboard.  This shows yesterday’s water use for Bellingen, Urunga, Mylestom, and Dorrigo.  It also shows the Bellingen Water Treatment Plant.



Graphs are available for the Seaboard Water Supply, and for the Dorrigo Water Supply.  To look at water use over a specific time period, you can select the time frame of interest in the drop down menu on the right hand side.  Please note that the Seaboard Water Supply shows water leaving the Bellingen Reservoir, and the Urunga Bypass.     


The Table function provides a quick look at monthly totals.  You can also expand each month to show the daily totals.  Consumption is shown in kilolitres.  1 kilolitre is equal to 1000 litres.

Long Term Data

To see our water use over time, scroll down the page.  Graphs on the left show our annual water use.  Graphs on the right show water use as a monthly average.  The black line represents the monthly averages over the last ten years.  This shows how our recent water consumption may compare to a ten year ‘norm’.  

Seaboard Water Consumption

Seaboard Water Consumption
Dorrigo Wate Consumption

Dorrigo Water Consumption

Long Term Trends

Long Term Trends

Bellingen Water Treatment Plant
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