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Wastewater Data

Bellingen Shire Council conducts regular monitoring of wastewater to ensure compliance with environmental standards.  You can view wastewater data for Bellingen, Urunga and Dorrigo, along with our EPA licences.   Flow data, and water quality data are available below.

Wastewater Flows

Flow data shows us the volume of water entering, and leaving the wastewater treatment plant.  Inflows measure what’s coming in, and discharge shows what’s going out.  All discharged water has been thoroughly treated, UV filtered and tested before going back into the river.  Scroll down to the “Wastewater Flows” section below, and click on the sewage treatment plant you wish to view.  You can also click on "Flow Totals" to see the annual totals since 2018.

Wastewater Quality

All municipal wastewater is treated and tested  before being discharged back into the environment. You can view regular wastewater quality data for each of our Sewage Treatment Plants.  Scroll down to the "Discharge Quality" sections below.  A range of information is available, including our EPA license, and data for the following parameters: BOD5 (Biological Oxygen Demand), Ammonia, Total Nitrogen, Faecal Coliforms, pH, Total Phosphorous, Oil and Grease and TSS (Total Suspended Solids).  You can click on each of these graphs to view them in more detail.  These parameters are monitored to ensure that treated wastewater complies with environmental guidelines.

Wastewater Flows

Wastewater Flows

Average Dry Weather Flow definition

The average daily flow to the treatment works during seven consecutive days without rain (excluding a period which includes public holidays) following seven days during which the rainfall did not exceed 0.25 millimetres on any one day.

Bellingen WwTP

Bellingen Wastewater Treatment Plant - Discharge Quality

Urunga Wastewater Treatment Plant - Discharge Quality

Urunga WwTP
Dorrigo WwTP

Dorrigo Wastewater Treatment Plant - Discharge Quality

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